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Hi, I am Elizabeth,

When my kids were growing up, we never had time for nice vacations, like the ones that our friends were taking.

It was because of two things:

1. My husband and I both worked outside the home; we couldn’t get the vacation time off.

2. We didn’t have enough money.

We would usually go to my parent’s home and spend a week or sometimes just a long weekend there just relaxing (actually sleeping) and visit with family and friends. Now don’t get me wrong we loved this time, but we wanted to go someplace big, exciting, and fun. You too?

We finally learned how to have fun weekend trips for little or no money once the kids were older.

This all started by a little summer dreaming,  which is what I am going to show you how to do.

Picture of Elizabeth

Start Planning Your Summer Vacation Now!

This journal will help you plan:

  • Little Day Trips

  • Weekend Trips

  • Time to Relax and Renew Yourself

  • Figure Out What It Costs to Take a Longer Trip

  • Figure Out How to Afford It (Easy Money Tips!)

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