Do You Want More Peace and Calm in Your Life?

Imagine facing your most chaotic days with a serenity that no one can steal from you. No matter what goes wrong or what you face, you’re completely at peace. That’s because you understand the secret to calm isn’t the perfect circumstances, it’s facing life with gratitude.

Introducing the Conversation in Gratitude Summit 2019.

This free event filled with fun, sassy speakers will light you up and give you the tools you need to embrace gratitude, regardless of what your life looks like right now.

Conversations in Gratitude Online Summit

During the summit, you’ll discover powerful truths like…

  • How to practice gratitude daily
  • Secrets to expressing your thankfulness
  • What it means to live with a calm, graceful heart
  • Why gratitude changes everything
  • How to practice random acts of kindness

Leading the Conversation Are These Amazing Speakers

October 28, 2019, at 7 pm CST 

Topic: A Path of Gratitude – from Self-Hate to Body Positive Run Way Model

Tishia Lee

Shinning Self  

Tishia’s a mom to a handsome, just turned 21, boy. Single parenting from the time he was 1 until 12 (when he moved in with his dad & stepmom) was the most challenging but rewarding experience. Making the decision to let him move to his dad’s was heart wrenching and emotional but was the best decision ever. Now, with an adult child, mom is watching from afar as he’s building his own life…and appreciating every time the phone rings and he needs momma for advice and just to talk.

She is sassy and sometimes sarcastic. And… she’s fat! Fatter than she’s ever been but she’s FREE and the happiest she’s ever been, living a life beyond her wildest dreams. She doesn’t let size stop her and takes up space boldly, loudly, and happily in a world that often criticizes big bodies.

She believes all bodies are beautiful and uses her size to show others that they can do what society says “fat girls shouldn’t!” like hiking, dancing, modeling, and more. She’s on a mission to help hurting women catch a glimpse of their true shining selves so they can be empowered to live their best lives and never settle for less

Decatur Wellness Collective recorded  and will be released on October 29, 2019

Topic: A Conversation with Friends

Libby Pasquariello, MSN/ED, RN, HN-BC, RYT

Libby is a mother to a teenage son and a pre-teen daughter.  Being a mom of older kids can be rough, so she can often be found cuddling her dog, Penny.

She is a nurse, educator, and registered yoga teacher. At the Decatur Wellness Collective, she provides acupressure for stress relief, wellness navigation, and nurse advocacy. She is there to help guide you to a place of effective self-care. Additionally, she is an educator of health science and nursing courses online for South Dakota State University. Libby’s areas of study and experience include mental health, leadership in nursing, stress management, community health, and integrative health care, including the practice of yoga, mindfulness, acupressure, and use of essential oils.

Decatur Wellness Collective recorded  and will be released on October 29, 2019

Topic: A Conversation with Friends

Dianne Milligan

Dianne is a mother to Hemi her Cat.

She comes from a long lineage of natural healers and has a lifelong affinity with Reiki. She enjoys receiving Reiki, facilitating healing for others and teaching Reiki. Dianne’s students come from varied backgrounds such as nurses, occupational therapists, mental health counselors, stay at home moms and those wanting to explore energetic healing.

Receiving regular massage in high school helped soothe her mind, loosen muscles and heal her body. She realized that having a career that allowed her to help heal people physically and energetically was the perfect answer. After completing Massage Therapy training in 1992 and becoming a Reiki Master in 2012, Dianne has had a thriving full-time Massage Therapy and Reiki practice. Dianne began teaching Reiki in the Fall of 2018.

Decatur Wellness Collective recorded  and will be released on October 29, 2019

Topic: A Conversation with Friends

Aly Swengel

Aly is a mother to two.

Maverick Massage Therapist, Embodiment Coach, Movement Educator and Owner/Operator of the Decatur Wellness Collective

Aly began practicing yoga at the YMCA in Brown Deer, WI in 2002 when she was diagnosed with chronic pain as a teenager. She continued yoga in college where she had the opportunity to practice with Laura Jane at Yoga Among Friends and many of the other wonderful teachers in the Chicago suburbs.  Aly completed her 200-hour training with Prairie Yoga in 2010 and is set to complete her 500 hours and 200 E-RYT in December of 2017. Aly’s classes are influenced by master teachers Tias Little and Judith Lasater as well as natural movement practices and biomechanics.

October 30, 2019 live at 7:00 pm CST

Topic: From Gratitude to Appreciation

Melody Granger

The Streamlined Lifestyle

Melody Granger is a Mama to a 22, 20, and (surprise!) 2-year-old.

Melody is a Professional Organizer and the creator of The Streamlined Lifestyle, where she works with women to streamline their environments so they receive relief in their bodies, improve their concentration, and get things done with genuine confidence, happiness, and ease. Melody’s clients include women remodeling or updating their homes; empty-nesters purging and preparing for whatever is next; and small business owners who need streamlined systems to keep up + grow, grow, grow!

October 31, 2019, live at 7:00 pm CST

Topic: Daily Gratitude Creates Bold Life Changes

Val Selby

Val survived raising the kiddos and has now figured out that parenting adults isn’t much easier. So she leans into her love of being grateful for even the smallest of things.

Gratitude in the little things daily has helped her get through major events in recent years, so she can vouch for the power it gives you to enjoy life.

Val now coaches other women through the tough transition of the empty nest. Learning to adapt to the new role in life can be difficult and you are not alone.

Let’s Embrace Gratitude Together on October 28 – October 31

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