Is Money Bleeding from Your Checking Account and You Don’t Know Why?

Give me a month and I’ll show you a pathway to financial freedom so you can live a life of peace and leave a legacy for the next generation.

And you can get started as soon as today.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth. I’m the owner of “It’s Mother’s Turn”.

I’d like to share a very personal story with you.

I spent 30+ years in corporate America working out of a cubicle, and doing bookkeeping, payroll, and helping people with their personal finances.

I watched mothers struggle to keep a balance between working and family.

In 2006, my hero, my best friend; my father passed away…

I was totally grief stricken and didn’t take care of my financial situation.

In fact, money was used as a grieving mechanism and I bought materialistic things to mask the pain.

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Jack and Iva Hughes 2005

Unfortunately, this started taking a toll on my family and the budget.

Bills were always seeming to pile up, I had no idea where the money I thought I saved had gone and my family was really suffering for it.

I felt like I’d let the family down.

Now, don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t me spending all the money, but as a mother and the matriarch of the family; I felt a sense of guilt.

It wasn’t until the following year when my mother passed away that the sense of unease, worry, fear, and depression hit.

It started affecting my health, and that meant frequent and costly trips to the hospital.

It finally came to a head when my husband decided we’d have to declare bankruptcy.

And I’ll tell you, getting back on track was not easy.


We had a daughter who was a senior in high school, in Cheerleading, Soccer, and all the expenses that come with the Senior Year.

Any extra money that we received had to be used for critical home repairs, such as a leaky roof and windows.

Is this sounding familiar to your situation?  Even if the circumstances are different?

But I managed.

I rose from the ashes.

And it was all by eliminating waste and planning for what we wanted.

And now I’d like to help you stabilize your financial rollercoaster, save for what you want, and buy your children, or grandchildren nice things.

Let me ask you…

Are you looking for a System to keep track of your Income and Expenses?

I have a particularly robust system so you can have reassurance and peace of mind for yourself and family, without going crazy.

The system is not complicated at all with “My Household Budget: Home Organization Journal”.

You’ll find 28 non-boring Downloadable Pages to choose from that will help you get your Household Budget on Track.

In fact, you will easily build a repeatable system for getting on track – and keeping on track.

So your Bank Account will become HEALTHY again.

What This Household Budget Journal Will Cover:

You will receive 28+ downloadable pages you can use to plan your budget and stay on track. Here’s some of what’s included:

  • A monthly log where you can keep track of those elusive bills – no longer will they creep up on you unexpectedly.
  • The annual tracking log – and you thought not budgeting for the monthly bills was bad enough!
  • Your Bank Account Register – use this for every month to make sure you are balancing your income with your expenses
  • And a lot more!


Kathy Birkett of Ocean’ Edge Business Services 

So how much will this cost me?

The price is only $24.95

You can pay easily and securely with PayPal and your purchase will be emailed directly to you.

Don’t delay! The sooner you start budgeting, the sooner you’ll get your finances back on track and avoid any costly mistakes along the way.

It’s Mother’s Turn

Peace and Love,

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