Are You Having Problems Developing Your Household Budget?

You can turn it around in 30 days and get off the Financial Rollercoaster.

I'm Here to Help You Have a Healthier Financial Life.

Using my 30+ years of experience helping people with their personal finances,  I’ll help you figure out how and where you can cut and manage your expenses, or decide if you need to go get another job until your money situation is stable.

Don’t feed into these lies:

  • I just got my first “Adult Job” but I do not know how to even start a budget.
  • I am going to be making more than my parents did and have more savings, but when I look at my W-2, I make more but have no savings.
  • I have plenty of money to spend on whatever I want. If I have a major expense, like my car breaks down, I’ll just put it on a credit card.
  • I didn’t realize Teenagers would cost so much. They have to have everything to keep up with their friends. Once they are gone then I’ll have plenty of money.
  • I am finally an empty-nester and now I can travel and buy what I want!
  • I am almost 65 and at retirement age and can get Social Security, I will be financially fine.
  • I keep telling myself, one day things will change and I will be saving,  but another five-years have passed and nothing has changed.

No matter what season of life you are in, you are the only one who can take control of your finances, and today is the day to get serious and start.

Introducing the 30 Day Email Budget Guidance Course, which Includes:

  • Step by Step Guidance of Setting up a Budget
  • 30 Days to Ask Me any Questions - Via Email
  • Removing Any Confusion From What Numbers to Use
  • One Money Mindset Lesson (Don't Feed Into this Lie)
  • One Lesson on Changing Your Money MIndset
  • The Most Private Way to Get Help without Letting Anyone Know How Much Trouble You Are In

During this time I’ll help you see where your money goes, and guide you to figure out what your budget should be based on your income and expenses. Plus answer any questions you have, so you can LESSEN your debt.

I know you want more money right now! And I want you to have more. Investing in the 30 Day Email Guidance Course is $50.00 which is less than your daily Latte.

Setting up a Budget and sticking to it, is the first and most critical step to a Healthier Financial Life.  So you can save for what you want, take yourself on a guilt-free shopping trip, travel to places you want, and buy your loved ones, children, or grandchildren nice things.

You are the only one who can do this for yourself, and I am here to help.

Don't Delay. Get Started Today.

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