Better Sleep Is All About the Bed and Bedtime

Guest post by Julia Merrill from Befriend Your Doc

Better Sleep For Everyone

Getting the recommended amount of sleep every night is difficult for people of all ages. Work and caring for a family are enough to keep many adults awake long into the night, and schoolwork assigned to children can cut into their night’s rest.

When you take technology into consideration on top of these responsibilities, it’s clear why more than 33 percent of adults don’t get the sleep they need each night. Unfortunately, a lack of sleep can lead to short-term and long-term effects in adults and development issues in children. Read on to see how you can improve sleeping habits for adults and children.

Create a Bedtime

The easiest way to start getting the sleep you need is by setting a bedtime and sticking to it. Setting a bedtime for yourself and for children gets everyone on the same page, and it doesn’t take much effort to put yourself to bed at the same time each night.

You don’t have to make a huge change overnight. Take small steps toward an earlier bedtime. suggests changing your bedtime in 15-minute increments until you reach your desired goal. After doing this for a while, your body will adjust to the schedule.

Pay attention to how much easier it is to wake up in the mornings. You might even get to the point of no longer needing an alarm clock to wake up on time. Your body is programmed to start slowing down as the day winds down, readying you for bed. Going against your internal clock can negatively impact your health, so follow through with your bedtime as much as possible. There will be nights when it’s not possible but strive for the same time every night.

Get the Most Out of Your Rest

When you go to bed, it’s important that your bedroom or sleep environment is set up to allow deep sleep to happen. As Oura explains, deep sleep is the time during your rest that the body works to repair itself and the mind. Here are ways you can ensure optimal sleep and restoration by improving you and your child’s sleep environment.

First, consider replacing your mattresses if they’re worn-out. If a child complains about the mattress being uncomfortable, this could be a sign that it’s time for a new mattress in their room as well. Before you make a purchase, take everything into consideration, like your sleep style, body types, weight, pain or chronic pain and the firmness you prefer.

Thinking these items through ahead of time will help speed up your search, especially if you’re considering a Purple mattress. Your weight factors into how soft or firm their mattresses are; bigger individuals might consider a Purple mattress soft, while smaller people, like children, will find the same mattress quite firm. Regardless of brand, find a mattress that works for you, and then move onto the rest of the room’s shortcomings, like bright light.

Your body is sensitive and can wake you up if any bright light is nearby. Wait till morning to scroll through emails and social media, even if you can’t get back to sleep. Instead, try to pick out what’s keeping you awake. Are you too cold or too hot?

Make Your Home Feel Just Right

Temperatures can interfere with your sleep if they fall below or rise above the recommended 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, sleeping at a cooler temperature allows you to get to sleep and deep sleep faster than you normally would. Set your thermostat somewhere in between, and make sure your room maintains the temperature.

If the bedrooms in your home don’t receive as much air, invest in a fan or window unit. Your body does regulate its own temperature, but help it along to increase your odds of improving sleep. Also, wear socks at night to help your body regulate its own temperature.

These are simple suggestions that can take your sleep hygiene a long way, as long as you follow through. Keep heading to bed at your set time to develop a sleep schedule, and free yourself of potential disturbances. You’ll all be waking up refreshed before you know it.

I thank Julia at Befriend Your Doc for her timely information.

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