How to Fold and Arrange T-Shirts after Laundry to Save Space

Organize Your Laundry and teach your kids how to do household chores!

Laundry is a never-ending task, from getting it folded to putting it away.

The never-ending T-shirt pile will make more Moms pull their hair out.  Watch as Melody gives you a  better way to save space with the never-ending pile of T-shirts?

Teaching your kids some simple tricks to help you to help with household chores.

Watch this YouTube Video by my good friend  Melody Granger.

Melody explains how to organize your laundry and fold and arrange T-shirts.

By the time a child is in the 3=4-year-old range, they should be able to fold towels and put underwear in a neat stack.

Once they have reached the 5-7-year-old range, they should be able to take the dirty clothes to the washer, put them in the washer and put away their clean clothes neatly.

Most importantly teach children how to help around the house with chores including laundry.

This will help them learn to work as a team and contribute to the household.

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