7 Sanity-Saving Tips That Every New Mom Needs to Know

A  guest post from Alexis Hall at Single Parent Info shares her experiences as a solo parent raising a newborn, read her 7-Sanity-Saving Tips below.

7 Sanity-Saving Tips That Every New Mom Needs to Know

I know — there’s nothing easy about raising a newborn, whether you’re doing it with a co-parent or solo. However, that doesn’t mean every moment should feel like an endless struggle. There’s a lot you can do to make day-to-day life simpler when you have an infant in the house. These are our best 7 tips for saving time and sanity during the newborn months.

Here are the 7 Sanity-Saving tips.

Stockpile Supplies

You don’t need to buy two dozen onesies that your baby will grow out of in a month, but there are some staples that are worth hoarding. A surplus of diapers and wipes saves you from the horror of realizing you’re out in the middle of a diaper change, while extra bottles, nursing tanks, and nursing bras keep you comfortable without constantly washing dishes and laundry. Stock up on household staples like laundry detergent, paper towels, trash bags, and easy meals too. You’ll go through these faster than you think!

Free Up Your Hands

You don’t realize just how useful two hands are until you’re trying to do chores while carrying a newborn around. Gear that lets you look after your baby and keep your hands free is a godsend in the newborn stages. A comfortable baby carrier is an obvious choice, but if you’re breastfeeding, invest in a hands-free pumping bra too. You’ll be able to pump as needed without stopping everything you’re doing, or even pump on one side while nursing on the other! Hands-free pumping bras are especially handy when you head back to work because you don’t have to worry about awkwardly changing bras to pump.

Mix Formula in Bulk

The formula is good for 24 hours once mixed. If you’re formula feeding, mix 30 ounces of formula at a time so all you have to do is fill a bottle when your baby is hungry.

Double Up on Baby Changing Stations

Unless you live in a small home, set up several baby-changing stations around the house with everything you need for changing your baby. You don’t need a changing table in each spot — most parents discover they use baby changing mats more often than a dedicated table, especially once infants start to roll over.

Pack a Change of Clothes (For Yourself Too!)

In the newborn stage, you can count on going through a few baby outfits a day — until you give up and start using blankets as clothes, that is. What you might not realize is that you’ll need a spare outfit or two as well. If you want to avoid walking around Target with spit-up on your shirt, store a change of clothes in the trunk so you’re always prepared.

Lower Your Expectations

Your house will not look picture perfect when you’re caring for a newborn — nor will your hair, your clothes, or the bags under your eyes. You’ll eat meals over the sink, skip showers more often than you care to admit, and choose naps over the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. And that’s all okay. If you try to make everything perfect, you’ll only run yourself ragged. Focus on what matters — taking care of your little one and yourself — and cut yourself some slack on the rest.

Enjoy the Little Moments

No matter how crazy these months feel and how sleep-deprived you get, find time to soak it all in. The newborn months are some of the most precious moments you’ll ever experience, and when you look back on this time, you want to remember the bliss you felt looking into your baby’s eyes and the joy of watching your child discover the world for the first time — not how many times a diaper exploded onto the carpet or how incredibly exhausted you were. This won’t last forever, so take solace and enjoy it while it’s here.

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