Mother’s Day Thoughts

Remembering My Mother

Mother’s Day, 2019 is approaching, I am remembering past Mother’s Days.

The other day I started thinking about the Mother’s Day after I had open-heart surgery (you can read about it here) in 1999.

I had survived the surgery, although I  was still in the hospital for twelve days after.

I was still there on Mother’s Day feeling very sorry for myself because I was in a different City than my family.

My kids were performing at Church for Mother’s Day and I didn’t expect to see them that day.

I was waiting for the Televised Church Service to come on half asleep.

When all at once I heard my daughter’s voice say, Oh Grandma, mommy is asleep.

My Husband and Parents had brought my kids to see me, and to give me cards, and flowers on Mother’s Day.

During this time my Mother was my rock.

My husband called my parents Friday afternoon, to let them know the results of my tests.

I was scheduled for open-heart surgery on the following Monday.

My Parents packed their suitcases, canceled any appointments, and came to Decatur to be with my family and me.

Let me tell you a little bit about my Mother and the amazing women that she was.

Friday, May 13, 1922, was a special day in the life of the Rials family.  Because a very special angel was born on that day, my mother.

I know that she was born on a farm outside of Grapeland, Texas to a poor family that grew and harvested cotton, she came of age during the Great Depression and became an adult during WWII.

She left home to serve her country in Galveston as a Telephone Operator, married a soldier during the war who took her to Nebraska away from her family to live.

She moved overseas and left two Young Adult boys in the states in College, but never once did she forget where she came from.

My mother was very loving, strong, and she taught me to live my life in a way that was real and honest.

As, Mother’s Day,  May 13, 2016, approached I wanted to put a tribute to her on Facebook.

What could I say about her, that people who had known her would relate to?

I posted and talked about her and my father often, was there anything else to say?

Tears came and I remembered I had this picture of her when she was about two years old.  I looked at that picture, I began to think about her life. So, I posted that picture and wrote this:


Mother's Day Thoughts

At 2 years old, did you know that you would raise three strong children? Did you know that you would travel the world? Did you know that you would have eight beautiful grandchildren? Did you know your strength? #restinpeace #loveyoumorethananything #wemissyoueveryday #happymothersday.


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