Tips To Reduce Stress and Take Better Care of You!

What is Stress?

During the caveman days, stress was a vital survival process that allowed us to run away from danger or get ready to fight back. Even today, stress can motivate us and help us get through cramming all night long for an important exam or get us out of the house fast if it is burning. There are times and places for stress. The big problem TODAY is that we’re under too much stress and feel it almost all the time. This is when stress can become very dangerous and even deadly. Reduce Stress today!

So many people in Western Society are under Chronic stress. It is the stress that we feel in an out all day every day. Stress simply starts to wear out the body. It is the cause of many health concerns. To sum up, the fact it is time to take care of your body and try to reduce your Stress Level.  You will find that YOU have more energy and can deal with the little problems so much better, in turn, you will find that your home life is more peaceful. If you haven’t read my blog post taking care of my self, click here to read it.

Here are a few tips to Reduce Stress In Your Body:

Take a Nap:

Yes, that is correct. When your toddler is cranky you put him/her down for a nap.  The same applies to YOU, just take a nap!  You will find that you are rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next project.

I read this tip the other day about taking a Coffee nap:

The idea is to drink a cup of coffee right before you lay down for a short nap. Because it takes the body a while to process the caffeine in your Cup of Joe, you’ll be able to take a short nap and wake up alert and ready to tackle the rest of your busy day.

Take a Bath or Shower:

Prepare your Sanctuary, draw your bath and add your favorite essential oils. Stand in the Shower and let the water pulse away all your worries.  Whatever you do, relax and let your worries go down the drain.

Take a Breath:

Take is right, be deliberate with your breathing take some slow deep breaths. Concentrate on the breath going in slowly and deeply and then coming back out.  Do this several times with your eyes closed and feel yourself relax and the tension melts away.

Go For a Walk:

When things get too much for me, I go outside for a short walk and breath deeply. The fresh air and hopefully sunlight helps clear the mind. There are so many benefits of getting up, going outside and taking a walk. How many times do you do this? How many times do you really think about it?

Try Meditating:

I am sure that you have heard of Meditation but have you ever tried it?  I didn’t for so long and now I am hooked.  Once you get in the practice it is so simple to do and clears your mind and helps you relax. Go ahead and give it a try. You can get an app for your Smart Phone like Calm or Headspace, I also like guided meditations by Deepak Chopra and The Urban Monk.



4 thoughts on “Tips To Reduce Stress and Take Better Care of You!”

  1. Sunshine, baths, planting, and naps (and pedicures!) are my plan.

    I read the coffee advice too! The coffee kicks in around 20 mins, so that cat nap doesn’t turn into a half day nap, lol. I love short 10-20 minute naps. Must take more.

    Enjoyed your self care week! You reintroduced me to stress relievers I haven’t done in YEARS. And it was OH-SO-NICE.

    1. Elizabeth Hughes-Callison

      I am so glad that you have found some Self-care tips that help you reduce stress. This is such an important life lesson to learn and one of the hardest for anyone.
      That Coffee tip is interesting, I found that while researching short naps and benefits.

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