Excellent Customer Service – Marketing 101

Do you own a small business or work from home and provide service customer? Then you should know how important Excellent Customer Service is.

I don’t know about you but the one thing that I find when going to a store, restaurant, bank, or even a doctor’s office is I rate it on Excellent Customer Service.  I was taught at a very young age to be kind to people, so when I first started working and worked in Retail, I learned how important Excellent Customer Service was.

There is a local Coffee Shop that is not far from my house and I have been known to go to this coffee shop several times a week for my Favorite Latte, why? Well, I like Latte’s but their customer service is outstanding. So in a world filled with Starbucks (which in most cases has great customer service), I choose Black Iron Coffee. Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

One of the most important things that any business owner needs to do is to keep their customers happy. Customers who aren’t happy, will not purchase from you again and will tell others, causing you to miss out on even more business. Thankfully, keeping customers happy isn’t that difficult. “Excellent Customer Service.”

Listen and Listen Some More

You’ve been told before that you were given two ears and one mouth for a reason.  Try taking the time to truly listen to each of your customers when you get the opportunity. Look them in the eye, so they know that you are talking to them.  It may surprise you what you learn.

Empower Others

If you have staff or contractors working with you, it’s imperative to give them some power to satisfy customers without having to check with you. What would happen if a price adjustment was needed, someone has a return, or you have someone managing your emails and phones calls?  I guarantee you that if they are not, it will make the customer unhappy. It will also make for frustrated staff.

Be Positive

Try not to say “no.” It’s true that at times you’ll have to return your customer’s money and take a hit on your bottom line.  Even a customer who got their money back would say good things about you if you were positive and fair.

Make It Easy for Customers

It can be difficult for your customers if they can’t get service easily. Give them as many ways as possible:  Online FAQ, help desk, a toll-free number if possible.

Respond Immediately

One of the things that get customers in a bad state is having to wait too long for a response.  It’s important to provide a resolution for problems quickly and with as little emotion as possible. Let them know right away when they can expect a response from you.

The Key Is in The Follow Up

Keeping in touch with customers is an important part of keeping customers happy. Always contact your customers after they’ve purchased something from you to find out if they liked it, what you can do better, or other information. It doesn’t matter if you and the customer had problems in the past, if you resolved them then it’s perfectly okay to stay in touch with the customer.


Finally, be honest with your customers, and they’ll be honest with you. Give them a fair deal, and they’ll be fair to you. Customers want you to be dependable and competent at your job giving them the attention they feel they deserve.

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