Work Life Balance

Have you found your work-life balance?

Have you ever flown on a plane? Before the flight takes off the steward/stewardess explains the emergency procedures to you.  They tell you where the exits are and what you should do in case of a crash, if the cabin loses oxygen then a mask will fall in front of you to put it on, and you should put yours’s on first before helping a child or elderly person.

So, what does this have to do with Work-Life Balance?

We become parents and life gets hard….throw in all the things at home that you deal with…..then you get up and go to work.  Did you remember to put on your Oxygen mask first? In other words, did you remember to provide self-care for yourself first?

If you can’t breathe then how can you help your family breathe?  In other words, self-care is essential to the life of your family.

For over 32 years I worked in the Corporate world, sat in a cubicle and did my job.  It was important to me because it provided income for my family.

After work, I would rush off to meetings I had. Some meetings were required for work; most of the time, they were a parent meeting for the kids and their activities.

I could barely stay awake during the meetings because I was so tired. Dinner would be fast food, or I would have to wait until I got home and then dinner was leftovers or whatever.

I had to be very organized and kept a color-coordinated calendar with all activities, planned out the meals for the following week on Sunday night and never got enough sleep, exercise, downtime, etc.

Can you relate to any of this?

There are six steps to work-life balance.

  1. Prioritize work tasks. It is important to determine the most urgent tasks for the day and allocate sufficient time to complete them. …
  2. Structure time at work. …
  3. Take breaks during the workday….
  4. Make use of annual holidays to recharge. …
  5. Leverage technology to work smarter…
  6. Remember your self-care daily…


My story continues to this day on finding my work-life balance.    Not only am I a blogger for It’s Mother’s Turn, helping parents learn the importance of taking time to celebrate and care for yourself, but until recently I also provided Virtual Assistant Services, at EHC Business Services.

I worked from home for five years and providing bookkeeping to small businesses and mentoring to people who would like to start a Home-Based Business.  I had my self-care scheduled on my calendar.

Last year with more health problems that my family and I decided it was time for me just to do the one thing I love, helping people learn to take care of themselves.

To read more about my journey to better health and self-care, click here.  Please understand that this journey is never-ending.

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