Eight Easy Steps to Tackle the Dirtiest Room in the House

Dirtiest Room in the House what do you think it is?

Dirtiest room in the house let’s vote ………it is the Bathroom.

So, now, is there anything worse than a dirty bathroom?

In other words, towels on the floor, toothpaste in the sink, and a frightening looking toilet can make you not even want to open the door, let alone use your bathroom. But with a little forethought and planning, you can make this one.

Do You Have Children in the House?

In addition to, adults in the house, then this is one of the worse rooms to keep clean, but if you keep up with it, then it will not be hard to get ready for coming guest.

In fact, I don’t have small children, but my husband uses the main bathroom, and even though he is responsible for keeping it clean, it can look like something out of a science fiction movie or even an experiment of germ growth.

Time yourself to see how long it takes you. As a result, you will find it is not as long as you thought.

Cleaning the Dirtiest Room in the House

Cleaning Supplies

Ready Set Go!

  1. Your first task is to squirt a little toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet. We’ll come back to this in a bit, but for now, just add the cleaner and close the lid.
  2. Next, are the towels (and clothes). Having a place to hang them is a must. (If you don’t, put this on your list of tasks to do when you have more than 15 minutes.)  Soiled towels place in the hamper.Cleaning the dirtiest room
  3. If the hamper is in the bathroom, make sure it has a lid. If there is no lid, then move the hamper to another location – perhaps a walk-in closet.  And, since you’re putting the towels away, why not put out some fresh ones? Your visitors will appreciate clean towels.
  4. With the easy part done, it’s time to tackle the countertops. How big is your array of items and, more importantly, do all those items need to be there?  If you have items strewn around that do have other homes, put them away first.  This allows you to see what you have left.  Take a minute and look around again and see if there is anything else you can put away.  Make a mental note of any type of storage items that might help you eliminate the countertop clutter in the future. Baskets and small plastic containers that can be put under the sink or in a closet are ideal.
  5. You have two goals when cleaning your bathroom counter: to make sure everything is presented neatly and that the displayed items are clean. Keeping these two goals in mind will help you dramatically reduce your cleaning time.
  6. The shower and tub are next. As with the countertops, toss out what’s no longer needed (like those empty bottles of shampoo) and store what you don’t need to have at arm’s reach.  If you have a tub, close the shower curtain and be done with it. Shower, give it a good rinse out and maybe a quick clean. (If you have time, go ahead and clean out the tub as well.  This wouldn’t be a thorough scrub: just a quick wipe and rinse.)
  7. Tackle the toilet next. Give it a quick wipe on the outside – especially the lid – and then a quick swish around the inside (which should be fairly easy to clean since you put in the toilet bowl cleaner earlier).
  8. Finally, there’s the floor. A fast wipe with a damp rag will do on most days.  If you have bath mats, toss them into the dryer to give them a nice fluff.  If the mats are dirty, into the hamper, they go.  In fact, you can either leave the floor with no mats or replace the ones you freshened up.

Therefore,  when it comes down to it, you can probably give your bathroom a good clean in only 15 minutes.  Who knew it was that quick and easy?Clean Room






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