3 Baby Organizing Essentials For Your 0-4 Month Old

Baby Organizing Essentials for Your 0-4 Month Old Baby’s Life

I’ve been around the baby block 3 times now.  My first 2 babies were 2 years apart, and my 3rd baby arrived 18 years later!


My 3rd time around I don’t have a lot of baby stuff, but what I do have are the essentials, plus the big bulky items, like a bouncy seat, stroller ( a lifesaver for sleep time!), car seat, and tummy time play mat.


Today, let’s focus on making the little baby essentials organized and arranged for your convenience, so taking care of your baby is a happier, easier experience.


The changing area, clothing area, and bottle making area are ALL places to store and use your essential baby items.


Here are baby organizing essentials of 3 areas that I’ve incorporated to accomplish more convenience for me and my baby’s life.


Changing area:

Being able to snag a diaper, wipes, and skin ointment is super easy when you use a decorative box container to store the diapers where they are sticking out slightly, so your hands can separate and grab one quickly.Decorative Diaper Storage Box


Extra packages of diapers can be stored in the closet.


Keep one package of wipes and one ointment next to the diaper box in your changing area.  Store the rest in the closet or inside drawers or containers below your changing area.   Note: Once your baby has reached 4 months old, the chances of your baby rolling over are much higher, so you may need to relocate some baby changing items to a more convenient area near your new place to change your baby.


Clothing area:

You most likely have baby clothing items sized from newborn to 18 months.  Separate and group baby clothes by size, storing them in your closet in containers that are labeled with the sizes.  If you are hanging baby clothes, group them by size, as well.Baby clothes storage


For example:

0-3 months (these you’ll be using immediately after birth!  No need for storage in the closet.)

3-6 months

6-9 months

12-18 months


As your baby outgrows items, place them in a bag or container.  If you know, you are keeping certain items for sentimental or future baby reasons, then place them in one container of your choice.  I keep a “keep” bag in my closet and a “pass on” bag behind my rocking chair.  If you have items that someone loaned to you and they want back, then make a special bag to store those items until you are ready to return them.  TIP:  It’s easy to forget where baby clothes came from, so if you have baby clothes on loan, ask the owner if they would put the baby’s initials on the tags of clothing.  Or come up with some type of identification marking to place inside clothing, like a little yellow dot.


I recommend placing onesies in one drawer; sleepwear in another drawer; linen in another drawer; baby shoes in another drawer or container in a closet (if you already have many pairs); socks and other little accessories in bins (wipes containers without the lids are GREAT for organizing little items inside baby drawers).Shoe Bag Storage


Shoe bags with clear pockets are great for storing items inside if you are low on storage space or would like to be able to see what you’ve got at a glance.


Bottle Making Area:

In the kitchen, I highly recommend having a large bowl to drop your dirty baby bottles into.  But, first, rinse the bottle, so there’s less dried on milk inside the bottle.  Whenever you’re ready to wash bottles, put the bowl in the sink and fill it with warm sudsy water…and wash away!Bottle Drying Rack


A bottle drying rack conveniently located by sink saves a lot of time when you’re ready to make bottles, or need an emergency bottle on the fly.  It’s right in sight – just grab the bottle and nipple, and make the bottle.  If you’re using baby formula, keep one container on the counter at all times.  Store your extra formula in a cabinet or drawer.


Between changing diapers, making bottles, and keeping your little baby’s clothing at your fingertips, it can keep you super busy.  I hope these tips help you make the most of your time and help you enjoy all the other moments in your babies life, with much calmer, ease, and convenience.


Written by Melody Granger at The Streamlined Lifestyle.

If you want more tips on Decluttering and having a beautiful living space, follow my good friend Melody Granger at Purging Party dot com. 

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