A Tale of Bankruptcy

The year was 2006; the time was excruciating for my family and me.

My loss was overwhelming during the last half of  2006, and then in January 2007, we filled for Bankruptcy.

Here is my story…

My oldest was leaving the “nest,” my youngest was a junior in High School, and my hero, my father, passed away.

I was grieving so much that I wasn’t even paying attention to what was going on inside of my family, work, or myself.

Then at the end of December, my husband told me that we had to get control of our finances and that would probably mean filing Bankruptcy!

I was a bookkeeper!

How could this happen to my family and me?? Well, it did, and we did file in 2007,  just as my mother became ill and passed away two weeks before the anniversary of my father’s death.

Do you remember what happened the next year?

It was 2008 and the Great Recession. Before that time I had experienced several medical problems that we had not budgeted for, and with the everyday expenses of raising Teenagers, we went down very fast.

I am thankful to say that careful Budgeting and eliminating items, we didn’t need, we have come back.

We now have money in the bank, pay our bills on time, and travel to see family.

The most significant benefit is that I work part-time now from home.

Let my hard times be a stepping stone for you and your family.

I would like to help you formulate a simple family budget by giving you this Free e-book to download.


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