Has your 2018 goals gone off-track?

Are you feeling the pressure at the close of 2018 and looking back only to realize that your goals are off-track? Ruthy from D2SHINE says:

You can’t escape it,’New Year, New You‘, ‘What are you goals for this year?’… ‘What did you achieve this year?’

Goals are important, and every year I set them, but I know that my goals are off-track most years. Read my blog post about this year on grief to see what happened click here. And so not many of my goals have been accomplished. As I think about my goals for 2019 and taking a cue from Ruthy and setting my goals for a “better, healthier life.”

All I hope for 2019 is to move forwards and find a better, healthier balance in life. Happiness is a goal that doesn’t need to be quantified and I’d rather work towards that!

2019 Goals

Hence this year as I determine my 2019 Goals I will be focusing on living a healthier life, maintaining my weight and I will choose Happiness. Maybe on December 1, 2019, I will not find my goals are off-track.

Start Thinking

Before we start working in the New Year, think about your goals for 2019. I highly suggest that you read Ruthy’s article here. 

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