Don’t Over-spend During the Holidays

Elizabeth with Frugal Mom Eh!, wrote an article about keeping your spending on track during the holidays and how to not overspend.

Creating less stress in your home during the holidays is very important for you and your whole family. Another part of that stress is overspending on presents.  Elizabeth has one useful tip on how not to overspend.

Think, prepaid cards. Yes, prepaid cards.

Prepaid cards are a fantastic way to keep your spending in check and start the new year off on the right financial foot. Not only do they offer a wide variety of the benefits that are associated with the traditional credit cards, such as being able to shop online, but they are also fantastic budgeting tools. A prepaid card comes loaded with a set amount of funds you pre-paid onto the card. Once those funds have been used, you know you have reached your limit, without going into debt, ensuring you stick to your budget.

Elizabeth’s excellent idea of prepaid cards, helps you stick to your budget which causes you less stress!

Read her entire blog post here to find how she uses prepaid cards during the holidays.

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Elizabeth Hughes-Callison

Elizabeth Hughes-Callison is an empty nester, who has raised her kids, but she will never stop being a parent. She worked for 30+ years in the corporate environment all the while raising her two children John and Leigh with husband Randy. She learned self-care and how to have a sense of peace in her home the hard way. With humor and real-life stories, she helps you learn the same.

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