What is Your Word for 2019

 What is Yours?

This post on Real Mom Life.com nails the reason for choosing your word for the year.

Do you usually start the beginning of the year with a new word to focus on? I started this habit three years ago and have words like “Progress” “Lean In,” and “Be Still” I find that it makes a difference in my life to have a positive word to focus on.

I choose LOVE for this year!  Because Love is so much more than an emotion or a feeling. You say you love yourself, you love your family, you love your partner. You can also love an object.

Christine Fields talks about her different words she has chosen throughout the year and the one that she chose this year.


I enjoy the yearly tradition of choosing a word for focus on for the year. In past years, I have chosen JOY, ORGANIZED, and other words.

This year, my word is HAPPIER!

Her reason’s for choosing Happier this year are:

  • You’re happier if you live in the present
  • You’re happier if you’re optimistic about the future
  • Happier people appreciate everything
  • Happier people have a good sense of humor


I encourage you to read her blog post here.

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