Exercise and Working from Home – My horrible terrible experience

Do you work from home? Do You Exercise?

I have never been good at keeping up with an exercise routine, one reason is that my health problems (read about it here) have caused me limitations in what type of exercise that I can do. I also deplore exercise, so the two put together caused me to come up with every excuse that I could. Now, I am working from home, which spells disaster in the exercise world.

I have joined gyms, exercise classes, exercised with Jane Fonda (yes, she did exercise shows in the 1980s), but I never kept up with anything. My health problems got worse!  I realized I had to do something! Around 2011 I started on a regular exercise program, I went to classes and did programs at home. I lost weight, felt better, and had more energy. It was amazing.

I continued on this path for several years was enjoying exercising until I hurt my back and I gained weight.  I started working at home. Yep, a situation made for disaster.

Well, I will tell you things are better for me now, I have settled into working from home, not doing Virtual Assistant work anymore, but blogging about life as a Parent and achieving self-care and a sense of peace in my home. Working on a computer causes a lot of sitting or standing.  So, I guess it is time for me to now go back to exercising and try to stay on that track……. really do I have too?

Today, March 2, 2018, Mark’s the day that I hope will change my future.

I joined our local Family Y and went for the first time. Yep, I did.  I was so proud when got myself out of the house and into the car, and  I drove to the Y. Sound familiar to anyone?

I made it, walked into the building slowly, walked into the exercise room, got myself onto one of those funny looking bikes, called a Recumbent Bike, set it up and started pedaling away,  29-minutes later I was done, I didn’t throw up, I didn’t die, no one laughed at me, and I had sweat on my face.


There was a Yoga class, for seniors (don’t laugh), that I could have gone to, but my legs thought I needed a break.

When I got home the computer was waiting; here I come, now to work at home for the rest of the day. My body was a little sore, so first I needed to do some stretching, so I turned on my computer, found my lovely Adriene (you know, Yoga with Adriene on YouTube) and did a 17-minute chair Yoga with her.

I am working from home and exercising.

So, I call this an AWESOME DAY!

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Elizabeth Hughes-Callison

Elizabeth Hughes-Callison is an empty nester, who has raised her kids, but she will never stop being a parent. She worked for 30+ years in the corporate environment all the while raising her two children John and Leigh with husband Randy. She learned self-care and how to have a sense of peace in her home the hard way. With humor and real-life stories, she helps you learn the same.

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